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Get Your

Message Heard

A TurnKey Solution for live streaming, Virtual conference support, and digital signage

Live Streaming

can get your information to a large and/or remote audience in real time.

Live Streaming is an affordable way to speak to your audience on an engaging and convenient platform. When providing a presentation for 50,000 people worldwide, live streaming is the way to reach all corners.

Ready to start?

Let our experts help determine your streaming needs. 

Live Show Recording
Virtual Conference 

Take your virtual meetings to the next level with professional presence in a virtual environment.

With many of us shifting our careers temporarily and permanently to socially distant positions, the time to establish a learning curve has not been possible. MediaDroids is here to bridge the gap to optimize your virtual conference experience.  

Not sure what you need?

Let our experts help determine your conference support needs.

Digital Signage

is a clean, adaptable and modern way to display your message.

Digital Signage, displayed in interactive booths and monitors can display everything you need to communicate such as information on sponsors, schedules, recordings, and much more. 

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