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can get your information to a large and/or remote audience in real time. Live Streaming is an affordable way to speak to your audience on an engaging and convenient platform. When providing a presentation for 50 or 50,000 people worldwide, live streaming is the way to reach all corners.

Turnkey or Integration

We offer complete turnkey solutions or gear only setups, we work with what you have to create the setup you need.


We can provide the cameras, microphones, and computing systems necessary to run your live stream.

High quality

HD video live streaming so that thousands of people can watch seamlessly and simultaneously. 

Setup and installation

Our team is there every step of the way and will set up the hardware and software for your event and provide you with unlimited support for permanent installations.


Our creative team can help choose "the look" of your live stream by creating a beautiful and simple to use set up.

Social Integration 

We connect the Live Stream to all the social media platforms so that your users can connect in addition to viewing.

Advantages of Live Streaming

Reach a Large Audience

Have limited space at your event? Live stream and reach a larger population. 

Remote Audience 

Reach all corners of the world simultaneously with live streaming. 




We can provide permanent or temporary setups pretty much anywhere you or your event is being held.

Generate Additional Revenue 

Charge to tune in and/or offer sponsors the chance to advertise on the live stream as an additional platform. 


Easily connect your company's social media to promote yourself or a sponsor.

Increased popularity

Now more than ever, people are tuning into live stream events because of the ability to interact live with an audience, people can ask questions and get detailed live results. 

Industry Examples


Have a large conference that is sold out? Sell live stream entrances to allow more people to participate. 


Schools can live stream their events such as graduations so that remote family members can partcipate. 


Live stream a workout so that anyone anywhere can participate from home. 

Brand recognition 


Any brand can use live streaming to draw views to their message or event. 

Live events

Any event such as fashion shows, concerts, and speeches can be live streamed.

Product demos

Host an unboxing or how to through live stream, interact with views that may have questions or comments.

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